Holistic Home Design


Welcome to a new approach to home design! While we appreciate the beauty and the form of a well-designed and beautiful looking home, we are far more concerned with the way your home functions for you. The first thing to consider is that your home is much more than the space you spend the most time in, for the place you absolutely spend the most time in, is your mind and body.


Home Consultation

All of our projects start with an initial consultation to define needs and services to be performed. From this meeting exact needs will be determined based on budget, time-line and personal needs. Some clients will choose to create their own plan from this initial consultation. Others will want help to create a more detailed and defined plan that they can execute over time. The goal here is education, how to teach you how to effectively create the best experience in your personal space that will help to grow you as an individual. It is sort of like Interior Design meets Life Coaching!


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Schedule a meeting in your interior space and…

Make a plan to continue design services or for client to create their best environment using the tools given (a later consultation can be scheduled to determine progress)


Color Consultation

Color is one of the single best ways to change the psychological feeling of an interior space. We use color theory, personality tests and candid conversation to determine what colors best support the function of your space. We can create a detailed plan for paint colors, furniture, finishes, textures and accessories that will help support you psychologically. This can be accomplished as a general plan for you to execute over time or a full range of interior design services, recommendations for service providers such as contractors, painters, artists, etc. at any level small scale to full scale renovations.


Interior Design/Decorating Services

Traditional full scale interior design services are available. Some clients will want to take advantage of this, especially when building or fully renovating a new home. We can also help in the beginning stages of your project to help you determine the kind of home or building you really WANT to live in that will support your life goals.

We can program interior space to meet all of your physical and psychological needs and create a detailed plan for your contractor or builder to follow from breaking of the ground to the installation of the last pillow or accessory and even after that. A home is a living breathing entity that requires constant adjustment, we ensure that your home design enables you to grow over time.