Our Process

Today’s world of design for hotels and restaurants can be extremely fast-paced and demanding. Long leadtimes, limited budgets and working within the framework of brand standards can be challenging. Streamlining the initial design process and managing inevitable roadblocks in a way that allows for quicker approvals, can make or break a project. At DeAnna Dasher Interior Design, we strive to address our clients’ needs by utilizing the most efficient routes to design and approval.



Typically our process begins by assessing a client’s scope of work, overall goals and project time line, or in the case of hotels, a Property Improvement Plan or PIP. We will also review existing blueprints, property photos, existing design packages, etc. Depending on the scope of work, we may create an initial design for discussion or prepare for a site visit. We look at existing elements in the space to determine what really needs to be changed, what existing elements can be modified instead of replaced and generally how to create the most bang for our buck. Once the design is created, we will work back and forth with the client and/or brand approval team, construction/renovation team etc. until a design is fully implemented.