Meet Dee

Hi, I’m Dee. I enjoy all things creative. I really enjoy a challenge. But above all else, I love creating an experience for people. I think that is what drew me into interior design, and specifically hospitality design initially. It allows me to combine my greatest loves into a single endeavor, which is truly the most inspiring thing a creative person can hope for. There are so many facets to a hotel experience that I personally enjoy, namely that attention to detail and service and the concept of ultra-luxury as a getaway for people from all financial backgrounds. That, and of course food. I think of great service as the ultimate luxury and I seek that out wherever possible, from the restaurants I frequent to the local farmer from which I buy my produce. I like quality and I like it on a dime. But I also understand value. I think that today you have to be flexible, adaptable and open minded and with millions of Millennials demanding this new, more personalized and open method of living, I think designers are poised to create experiences like never before.

I enjoy Places. The concept of place and time has always intrigued me. Every little town and city has such a unique background and I love to highlight that in my designs. I enjoy spaces that have a defined sense of place and designs that say something. I like to dine in a space that enhances the food I am eating with its decor and theme. I want every commercial experience I have to be carefully thought out and I want to be surprised along the way. Meaning is created by experiences, and experiences create meaning.  Interior Design is the method by which you start to consolidate experience into something tangible. You take all these different uses and you come up with a space to perfectly suit them and to make people feel a certain way, to create meaning in a space for people.

I have been designing anything and everything for as long as I can remember. I have always gravitated toward anything creative or crafty or handmade. I love fashion. I really love anything visual that simultaneously creates meaning. I pursue multiple creative endeavors, which I feel keeps me fresh and forward-thinking. Photography has always been a love of mine, as well as graphic arts and design. I also really enjoy cooking, baking and the art of food. I am a musician and I dabble in writing. It really is one of the most exciting times in history for creativity. Art comes in so many forms, and I find myself pursuing them all. As I grow as an artist and designer, I find my favorite projects are those that let me combine all of these interests into designs that speak to people.